Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Dear Universe,

You must think that you are a riot. Ha. Ha. I am so not laughing at this twist of fate.

Due to increasing gas prices, we purchased a van to replace the Suburban-beast. And the van we could afford? A GMC Safari.

Ok, I think, ok, so it's a little boxy. Not fun or sexy.
Boring brown.
Like driving a brick with wheels.

But I can get past all of that. For the sake of my wallet.

But I blithely ignored all the warning signs. The boxiness. The glaring lack of visual appeal.

I ignore the fact that it has a CD left in the player - it's the best loved songs of Bill and Gloria Gaither. 

I ignore that it came with a handicap sticker.

But I cannot ignore the fact that I am a woman of average height and I have to stoop to see out of the windshield. Let me expound. 

When I am one of the first 2 cars at a stoplight, I have to BEND DOWN to see if the light is changing. It appears that the optimal viewing height through this van's windshield is 1.5 inches above the steering wheel. 

I am now the proud owner of a old lady car. 

Ha. Ha.

Turning in my Young Mom card for an Old Lady membership, 


  1. You're only an old lady if you have to sit on cushions or phone books to see over the steering wheel. . .and you don't even have blue hair.
    You are just an awesome woman who stands (tall and proud) for what you know is right. For what you believe in. I'd be proud of that stoop, if I were you.

    Loves, Kiz

  2. Can I have the CD. Oh, maybe not, my car has just a cassette player. You know, my pink Mercury.