Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Book Gestapo

Dear Banned Book List, 

You have on your list some of our very favorite books. The kids and I have shared chapters from Huckleberry Finn, James and the Giant Peach, My Friend Flicka, and even Little Red Riding Hood.
 I was surprised to find some of my favorite books, ones I consider classics and "must reads" like To Kill a Mockingbird. And others that we have read in lit class for our schooling. Lord of the Flies, Silas Marner, and imagine my surprise to find even the Dictionary listed!

I was wondering, could we switch some of these out for a new candidate? You see, my middle son has found a new love of reading Calvin and Hobbes books. At first I didn't see any problem. At least he's wants to read, right? Begging me for a few more minutes each night seemed like a good thing. 

But, Book List, these books are dangerous.... 

They are causing a metamorphous in my little boy. It started with little phrases. I asked him to do a chore and he told me he wasn't feeling enthusiastic about that chore and he shouldn't have to do anything he didn't feel enthusiastic about. 

Classic Calvin smart mouth symptoms. 

Now my boy prays for snow so that he can make morbid snowman art in the front yard. 

By Bill Watterson

But I fear the change is almost complete. You see, now they are starting to not only sound alike and act alike but even LOOK alike.
Not Calvin

Please, for the sake of my  children. Ban Calvin now. Before it's too late.

A concerned mother, 


  1. I am not going to say, "I told you so." But I did. Someone remembers YOU reading C & H, too. I am not going to say, "What goes around...comes around." But I did.

  2. I'm soooo giggling right now... could be worse, he could be quoting the Far Side.

  3. my [cute little] girls build snowmen in one place; right where daddy parks his work truck. He didn't even slow down the first time, or check to make sure.. He plowed them down, and they cheered.