Saturday, February 19, 2011

Snow Glitter

Dear Snowy Friday Afternoon, 

You. Were. Amazing! 
I absolutely loved your sunny skies and softly floating snowflakes. But the best part? That it was warm and the snow didn't stick and there is nothing for me to shovel or slip in this morning. I am so thankful there is no white frozen tundra covering my crocus that is desperately trying to peep thru the frozen ground. I adored how it looked like God smiled and sprinkled glitter on my afternoon. 

Still smiling, 

P.S. Ok, I can't lie any longer. Especially if I am going to be talking about God and His glitter sprinkling on my day.... I wouldn't actually be the one shoveling the snow if it had stayed around. And I probably wouldn't really even go outside at all to actually slip around any. Soooo, I guess I meant to say all that in a sort hypothetical situation type of way. But I did mean that part about the crocus and the glitter. Totally the truth. So, I am not always a big, fat liar. I just sometimes exaggerate. Only sometimes. Ok, that's another lie. I like to exaggerate. But only if it's funny. Or I get some sympathy out of it. Oh boy, I better stop now. ~ Lark


  1. Lark little disclaimer makes me smile :);):);)

  2. Hyperbole--God's gift to the quirky writer. You, my friend, are God's gift to me! :)