Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Idiosyncrasy or Idiocy? You tell me.

Dear Lark, 

You are so weird. I know this is not really a news flash. But do you know what I noticed you doing last night? 

Picture this with me.

Hanging on the couch, surfing the web on your iPhone. Ring a bell? Ok, then you wanted to cut and paste a web address to email to yourself so you could look at it later. Remember this? Well, then I saw you do something so silly. 

You touched the screen to copy the address... and then held that pointer finger in the air and used your other finger to navigate to the new screen, THEN put your pointer finger back on the screen to paste the info. 

Do you understand what you just did? You acted like you stored the info in YOUR FINGER. 

Laughing at you, laughing at me, 

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