Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oryctolagus cuniculus is no friend of mine

Dear Baby Rabbit,

You may have not heard about my bad attitude today. You probably didn't know that I was upset and sad and mad and in need of some glimmer of happiness. I imagine (since you are not my friend on Facebook) that you were not aware that I was going out to the farm with the express purpose of seeing YOU and getting a large dose of cute and cuddly and warm fuzzy feelings. 

But your reaction to me was inexcusable. INEXCUSABLE, I say. 

Seriously, I was gently cradling you in my hands, cooing and smiling and softly petting your adorable little ears. The warmth of your soft fur was slowing softening the hurt in my heart. I was smiling. I was finally relaxing. I was having a wonderful moment of cuteness therapy.

And then you had to go and ruin it. 

Thank you so much for peeing all down the front of my shirt. I had no idea that baby bunny bladders were so large. 

(Even that alliteration doesn't take the sting of the situation away. And I love me some alliteration.)

Thinking that karma has something against me,

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  1. You can cuddle my little dog if you want. He is a good cuddler and he won't pee.